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Pool Chemicals for Dummies

June 2, 20170
While it may not be the most glamorous job in the world, maintaining the chemistry of your pool water is a very important one. Clean, pH-balanced pool water will not only make your poolside hours more enjoyable but it will help you keep your pool walls clean, your water sparkling, and your swimmers healthy. Proper pool chemistry doesn’t have to be a difficult task, either; a few clicks around a swimming pool supplies online shop can provide you with everything you need for a perfect pool.

Keeping Pool Water Balanced

When you use chemicals to clean your pool, it is important that you balance out the acidic and basic chemicals in the water. This prevents damage to the pool and keeps the water from becoming unsanitary. While it may seem overwhelming to give yourself a crash course in chemistry, there’s only a few vital measurements you need to consider:

pH Levels • Total Alkalinity • Calcium Hardness

It’s always better to call a professional when working with your pool chemical so it is safe for the whole family.

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